CS300-LH CS300-LH CS300-LH CS300-LH
Brand: Tiki
Product Code: CS300-LH
Availability: Pre-Order
Axle: 1 x leaf springs and chock absorbers 1350 kg.
Internal Dimensions: 3000x1500x400mm
External Dimensions: 4340x1870mm
Gross Weight: 750
Payload: 578
Wheels: 155 R13 84N 4x100 M+S
Jockey Wheel: Yes
Tiltable: Yes
Price: € 1,220.00
Ex Tax: € 1,008.26

Available equipment

Flat cover:

Flat cover frame:

Side wall hightenings:

Netting fender:

Plastik cover:

High cover with frame:

Boat frame:

Canoe frame:

   - OR -   
Pašmasa 325

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